Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Nexus Excel

The Nexus Excel from Tabutoys is one of the most efficient prostate toys I've ever tried, and that's saying something.

Not all prostates were made the same. What works for mine doesn't always work for others, however, from all the customer comments I've read about the Excel it seems we share a common theme; we like it. In fact, a majority of us love it.

What's not to love? It's made out of phthalates-free plastic. It's also hygienic and while it's also nonporous, it shouldn't be shared between partners without the use of condoms. Condoms keep everyone safe and while hard plastic really isn't a material that will allow bacteria to penetrate its surface, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The Excel offers a rather interesting design compared to other anal toys. With a bulbous head atop a bubbled shaft, it's a concoction of curls, cylinders, and spherical shapes.

An interesting note about the Excel is that its sides are flat. This helps to make insertion a little easier, however, it's still quite big and the first time prostate user may find the 1.75" diameter too large. I'm certainly not a beginner but I'm also not an advanced anal player and I found it pretty big. The odd bubbled shapes on the shaft were awkward and made insertion that much harder. Even with a lot of lube (water-based and silicone are safe to use) this was one of the harder toys I've ever put inside my anus, and not just because it's hard plastic.

Once it was inside, I had to focus on deep breathing and relaxation and because at first, my body wanted to do nothing other than expel it from my body. Once I was loosened up a bit (no pun intended) I welcomed pleasing sensations and orgasmic potential that came forth. This toy felt absolutely incredible, even when I wasn't moving, a feat mastered by few prostate toys.

The directions recommended rocking back and forth, allowing "the handle of the Excel to transfer pressure to the prostate-perineum area", supposedly, this movement will bring on spontaneous orgasm that is hands-free, however, I had to subject myself to to penile stimulation. And I'm not complaining about having to jerk my cock in the least! But it would have been nice to cum without having to touch my dick. I'll keep trying but outlook looks doubtful.

The S-shaped handle of the Excel offers a rollerball that is intended to sit below the scrotum at the perineum, this stainless steel ball applies pressure wherever it's pushed against. The other part of the handle serves as a nodule that can be moved by you or your partner to stimulate the prostate. However, you should be extremely careful when moving it around as damage to the prostate can occur as it such a fragile part of the male body.

To clean the Excel first remove the steel rollerball with the provided extraction tool. The tool isn't neccessary as anything that is thin enough will slide into the hole to pop the ball out. Wash the toy down with soap and water or with an isopropyl alcohol solution. Unfortunately, hard plastic cannot be boiled so this is really one of the only negatives about this toy. The other being difficult insertion.

Powerful orgasms delivered and received. The Excel really is one hell of a toy, it's a must buy for those who take their prostate health seriously.

You can purchase it at for $71.00, and with their shopping program you earn frequent shopper points that lead to money off future purchases.

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