Monday, June 30, 2008


The sex toy community may seem large but when there are so few male reviewers, it is easy to spot similarities amongst reviews, as in my case.

There should be honor and integrity amongst writers, we shouldn't feel as if other people have stolen our words or leeched our messages and themes. For all writers, no matter the topic, we include parts of ourselves in the words we type. I include my cock and balls in every review and if I feel another man trying to push his kibbles in bits in with mine, I'm going to get agitated.

The response I received about my recent run in with plagiarism from a fellow reviewer:
Oh wow aaaaa yeah I didn't read your review till just now after Epiphora tweeted about your blog post about this, but I am really sorry they are a lot a like. The new way of reviewing for the description takes away a lot of what you can say about the toys and our toys are a lot a like to start with. I am really sorry though and will make sure to read your reviews before writing mine from now on. If there is any thing you want me to do to fix this accident tell me I would be more then happy to.

We are all adults here, and one of the things about being an adult is holding yourself accountable and responsible for any wrong-doings you may commit. However, to act as if you are just as much a victim as I am and then blame the obvious similarities in our reviews on the new reviewing template, is unfair to me and to the website we review for.

UPDATE 07/01-

With some exceptional communication skills on the part of the reviewing website's program manager this situation was resolved. I have removed the majority of this post to not further insult the website (even though that had never been my intention) or criticize their methods for handling this situation because within 24 hours they made everything right again.

This goes out to any and all reviewers for any and all sites; PLEASE do not copy other's reviews or even steal segments out of their reviews, we work long hours to produce quality reviews and to have someone steal half of our content within a few minutes time is insulting and demeaning.

Thank you.