Monday, March 30, 2009

Pony Up

The Lil' Pony was primary designed to be a positional aid for doggy style. Doggy style seems to be, as of late, our position of choice. My wife will complain her knees hurt or her back hurts if we do it anywhere but the bed, and the Lil' Pony seemed like the opportunity to have sex somewhere other than the bed.

The only other experience I have with bedroom furniture is with Liberator's Ramp and Wedge. The Lil' Pony is vastly different from the Wedge; it's 21" long whereas the Wedge is only 14", it's 10" high whereas the Wedge is 7", and it's only 2.5 lbs whereas the Wedge is 5 lbs. I had difficulties with the Wedge for doggy style, mainly, that it put the point of entry way too low and I had to work my body to be able to reach her pussy. The Wedge was too much work, the Lil' Pony however, made things easy and doggy style something that was rather enjoyable.

I do have a big issue with the Lil' Pony, something that could ultimately be the deciding factor on whether or not you want to purchase this. The triangular corner that your partner straddles and lays their body against is sharp and hard. My wife has a very sensitive abdomen, she doesn't like me touching it, she will even wear loose pants so they don't dig into her waist, and having the Lil' Pony constantly put pressure on her stomach was hard for her. After 5 minutes of use she couldn't take any more discomfort and we had to alter the way we used the pillow.

The foam inside of the Lil' Pony is very stiff and was designed to hold up to rough play and heavy partners but unfortunately, that translates into a pillow that isn't accommodating. The point designed to be straddled is way too sharp, even for people that don't have sensitive abdomens. Not being able to use the Lil' Pony as intended detracted away from it's usefulness. Instead, we opted to position the Lil' Pony under her as we did with the Wedge. In it's defense, it worked a lot better that way as the triangular side under her pelvis was softly rounded as opposed to severely pointed. Instead of her straddling it, we used it to prop her up and put her ass in the air and her breasts flat against the mattress; while this caused less mobility for her, it created the ability for me to have more control.

The cover on this pillow is a very soft water-resistant
polysuede that feels a lot nicer than Liberator's choice of cover; it's easy to unzip and wash, and Love Bumper (the manufacturer) sells extra covers that come in an array of colors. This pillow includes a light gray velcro strap to hold a vibrator in place. It can fit vibrators up to 3" in girth and would accommodate even a Hitachi. Simply place your vibrator under the strap and if you can, straddle the pillow and ride and grind away. This strap makes the pillow not only ideal for partner sex but hands-free sex as well.

A plus is that beyond doggy style, your partner can position this between their legs while they lay on their side and you fuck them from behind. This position won't require for either of you to hold her leg up and allows for use of the strap; my wife certainly enjoyed being able to grind her clit against the pillow as her vibrator buzzed away. You can also slide this under your back while your girl rides you, it works especially great this way if you prefer to put your upper back up against the headboard or wall.

While the foam was stiff and not very comfortable, the Lil' Pony did not bend or smoosh under pressure, it really held its shape. This is something that offers a few more options than the Wedge, but not being able to use it as intended was incredibly disappointing; the sharp corner of the Lil' Pony was ultimately its downfall, and for me, greatly detracts in its appeal.

If the Lil Pony doesn't sound like your perfect positional aid, be sure to check out EdenFantasys' range of Liberator shapes as well as their incredible selection of sex toys.

product picture
$99.99Lil' pony
Position pillow by Love bumper
Material: Foam

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gospel of Bondage

This was my first time choosing restraints and I think I did a pretty damn good job. The Bondage Basics Restraint Kit by Kinklab offered at Edenfantasys was a no-brainer. It had everything a guy could ever want, well, I would have loved to see a collar and leash but hey, I ain't complaining.

While the cost may seem overwhelming, it's an investment that won't break on you, you're bound to get years worth of use out of this kit so in the long run, you're saving yourself the cost of a lot of replacement kits. Once your package arrives and you hold it in your hands it's pretty justifiable. The blindfold and restraints are made out of superb quality leather, the nylon rope is undeniably silky, and the entirety of the kit is incredibly easy to use. Ease of use is the most important thing when it comes to a beginners kit, the second may very well be something that's going to be comfortable with the ability to be worn for a long period of time.

This basics kit comes with four restraints total, two for your wrists and two for your ankles. The the wrist straps adjust from 6" to 9" and the ankle straps adjust from 7 ½" to 12". If you have thin or meaty wrists and ankles these will be comfortable, thicker people need not worry about fit as the Bondage Basics Restraint Kit was designed to accommodate people of all sizes.

The leather on the restraints is hard. The exterior is smooth and underneath is rough and unsanded. There isn't a lot of padding on the sides so while these won't cut into your flesh, they'll dig in a little and will become increasingly uncomfortable as your 'kink session' progresses. If you like to keep your partner squirming in anticipation or by being uncomfortable, you'll absolutely make good use of these. Bondage isn't about keeping things light and gentle, at least for me it isn't, so I do want something with a bite; these weren't extreme but they did keep the pace and matched my tastes of wanting a kit more along the lines of "bad ass".

To secure the restraints on either wrists or ankles; simply match the best fitting notch (not too tight, not too loose) to the end metal tab and pull the strap through it. These are self-keeping, no matter how hard you pull these will not come undone, especially once you've looped the nylon rope through the larger of the two tabs. These are so easy to use I'm quite possible a monkey could secure these to his own wrists or his partner's, and yea, I'm the type of guy that wishes he had a monkey. (If you're familiar with Dane Cook's cd, Retaliation, you'd want a monkey too. Not so much for the awesomeness of the mutual appreciation of bananas but maybe for a duel partner, just throw a suit of armor on him, give him a sword, and do battle.)

The blindfold is padded and the leather is milky soft. It has a wide elastic strap that fits on fairly large heads and does not dig into skin, although it will leave marks if worn for an extended period of time, the good news is the marks fade within a few minutes. It has a large tag that says "Kinklab" which I didn't particularly care for. You can open your eyes and blink while wearing the blindfold, you don't have to squeeze your eyes shut at all times, and unfortunately, this translates into even if your partner aligns the blindfold perfectly over your eyes, you can still see out if you move your head the right way. It's comfortable to wear but being able to see what's going on at times ruins a little bit of the fun; I was like a kid on Christmas, I found my presents and I peeked inside, the fun being ruined was all my fault but I didn't want to be tempted with finding the presents at all. If it had been a little tighter and hugged my face a little better I would have had all visibility restricted.

There is 25 feet of rope. If you don't know how long 25 feet is, it's fucking long~ that should be descriptive enough, lol. You're able to be tied up (or tie your partner up) in a variety of ways. Simply have your lovah make good use out of the restraints by looping the rope through the tabs, and have them tether you to the headboard or give you a little room by securing you to the legs of the bed frame. The rope feels silky against skin and will not burn, even if dragged across your flesh. It leaves marks but that's to be expected of any implement used to bind you.

If you're brand spankin' new to BDSM
(speaking of spanking, check out my first paddle review) than the Bondage Basics Restraint Kit offered at Edenfantasys will not disappoint. I'm still learning a lot about the lifestyle, I'm not even sure if I'll ever progress past a few play sessions with my wife. I mean fuck, I'm not even comfortable calling her names beyond "slut" yet, but this is something anyone should invest in if they're longing to take that next step. Even advanced players in the BDSM world are bound to appreciate the quality of the leather blindfold and restraints and the silky texture of the 25' rope.

I'm overall pleased with all included parts and whether you're topping, bottoming, or switching, these restraints are as easy to wear as they are to secure on your partner. This is an attractive kit made for couples that are looking for a little "more" out of their sex life.

Check out Edenfantasys for their incredible range of BDSM equipment and sex toys.

product picture
BDSM kit by Kinklab
Material: Leather / Nylon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I haven't been around lately, we'll blame work. I wanted to make sure I posted an HNT because come to find out, people actually want to see more of me, go figure.

This HNT is an old one, I haven't had any time to take a picture (I'm even a few days behind on a review for Edenfantasys). This was at a friend's 70's themed wedding. My wife, the internet junkie, found me a true to life leisure suit for $9 on Ebay. Yes, I felt like a goofy asshole but because of this genuine suit we won a fondu set for the best dressed couple. I now blame this suit's pants for my inability to have children, lol.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little girl...