Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ginger Leigh’s Fabulous Shopping Spree

Win $1,000 worth of products with Ginger Leigh's Fabulous Shopping Spree? Fuck. Yes.

First up, the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit. Now many of you would think, why in the fuck would a guy want a stripper pole? To watch my wife wrap her legs around it and slide up and down. I'd sit watching her, silently stroking my cock while she makes magnificent love to it and shows me just how well she can move her gorgeous body. I am a highly visual person; watching her, wanting her, and not being able to touch her would be all I need to get by.

Next up, the Nexus Vibro White. My prostate the very hard to find, very hard to please, central station of my pleasure. Nexus prostate massagers, I've heard, are incredibly effective and this one has been crafted with all the bells and whistles, that will hopefully send my train screaming down the tracks at full speed ahead.

I hear the O2 Revolution calling to me. I want my wife to fuck me, to assert some control and slide a big, soft dildo in my willing ass. But to do that she needs a harness and the Corsette Harness Cheetah Vibrating looks just as wild as she does!

After the rare occasion of her fucking my ass, we'd need to even the playing field with some actual love making. Both the Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Tin and the Gift Set Carnal Pleasures could make me melt. Each are unique in their own way- one with Indian infusion, the other with Japanese. Pleasure balms, oils, desensitizing creams, and sweet body dusts would make for incredible nights of slow kissing and deep caressing- they'd help me to show my softer side to my wife and show just how much I love her.

I may live a vanilla life outside of the bedroom, but once in it, I'm a completely different man and I have a very dark side! The Wide Tip Riding Crop would be an implement that got a lot of use, simply because the design is so simple and the brand is so trusted. Spartacus products have never failed me and the Crop would be perfect for the nights when my wife wants to explore more of her submissive side.

Because I think my wife is beautiful and I only want the best for her, the Lock Red Satin Lined Ankle Cuffs, Locking Red Satin Lined Wrist Cuffs, and Locking 1 1/2 Red Satin Padded Collar would treat her like my princess. I may play Dom but that doesn't mean that I can't spoil her when she's in the role of sub. I love her and this red satin set would be the ultimate present, a reminder of that love and the fact that it locks is a reminder of who has the power.

On nights when my wife isn't around, the Kochi Japanimation Love Doll would be my company. From her cartoon eyes to her tight pussy and ass, I'd definitely have something to keep me busy!

When I'm in dire need of some entertainment, Fuck - 2 DVD set would highlight any dull evening! A 2007 AVN Award Winner on Film for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene, and Best Oral Sex Scene would be the type of film to keep me interested from start to finish! And what would I want while I'm watching Fuck 2? Flip A Sista Over By Pipedream. I trust Pipedream products and I've always wanted a chocolate lover. This silicone masturbation sleeve looks like it would be easy to hold, especially when things get a little slippery with some Sex Tarts Lube in Grape Soda. This lube would pull double duty for masturbation and oral sex. Grape Soda would have one hell of a taste, I can only imagine!

And what does my dream wish list total? $988.46! Damn!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My balls. Not that special, just a set of large balls. As a reviewer, I often get stuck with really small cock rings. Even ones that are unstretched at 2 1/4" aren't big enough for me.. I've yet to find a steel ring that I can wear the traditional way that actually fits, maybe someday.

I'm not the only naked dude this week, check out Views from the Back Row to find more of us.