Sunday, April 26, 2009


TabuToys was kind enough to send me the Silicone Support & Girth Ring. My wife says I have a large dick so I've never felt the need to improve myself in the "size department", however, it's always a good thing to try new experiences and test uncharted waters.

I rather like silicone toys. They're body compatible and phthalates free, I don't necessarily enjoy pumping chemicals into my body so safe sex toys are for me, the equivalent of an organic diet. California Exotic Novelties has started producing more toys in silicone and I'm happy about that because this has been a brand that I've trusted for years. And fortunately, the Silicone Support & Girth Ring was up to par with the rest of their phenomenal products.

The only real issue I had was with its inflexibility and size; its 1 3/4" unstretched diameter was so small that I could not get it on when I was hard! Talk about an impossible fit, it was like trying to cram a soccer ball into the cup on a mini golf course. However, when I was soft, this was quite an impressive product. California Exotics totes that it's promising for men who suffer from ED, I do not, but this ring does have a place in my bed. . .

After I cum, my wife requests that I keep pumping because she has not yet been able to orgasm and requires penetration to achieve it, I try to oblige but my dick always slithers out. With herculean strength, I do all that I can to keep myself inside of her but I fail time and time again. The Silicone Support & Girth Ring makes it possible for me to stay inside of her as it holds my failing cock up and creates the feeling that it is still hard, if only for a little while. I simply slip it over my flaccid cock after orgasm and push my way inside of her until she's finally able to cum, it makes it possible for the sex to last longer, even if it is for her enjoyment only.

This is a product for those women who think their mate cums too quickly, I can admit that my wife has said that on many an occasion; this large cock ring support keeps my wife at bay and fends off any possible fights, it makes our sex life a lot more enjoyable for her and my head hurt a lot less.

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