Friday, February 27, 2009

Prostate Pleasure

The Pfun plug by Njoy encompasses a slew of great elements to create one of the best prostate massagers on the market.

If you're new to stainless steel there are a few things to consider. First, it's heavy. At only 4 3/4" inches long, 11 oz is a lot. The plug is rather small and easily fits in the palm of the hand, the only noticeable bulk is the teardrop head. Looks can be deceiving though, the entire weight is compacted into an object that's rather slim, it may look unassuming but when I finally held it I was truly surprised by how heavy it was. I figured it would be hollow stainless steel but it's solid 316 grade stainless steel and that weight conveys both in your ass and out of.

Second, it's cold until you warm it up. It's important to run this under the tap for a minute or put it in a cup full of hot water. If you insert the Pfun plug without attempting to warm it up in any way possible, it's going to be cold. Very, very cold. Naturally, this can be boiled for complete sterilization but don't boil it before use as it will hold the heat for a long while and you may just burn yourself. Also, do not put it in the freezer because believe it or not, frostbite could occur. Stainless steel is conducive to thermal play but it will take 20 minutes or so for the Pfun to reach your desired temperature.

Using the plug is easy and I definitely recommend lube. I prefer Eros Bodyglide, it's a great silicone lubricant that leaves your skin feeling silky and makes the insertion of toys a breeze. The body of the plug is slick and smooth so with the right amount of lube, the toy will slip inside, you may feel a strange adjustment as you get to the second bulge of the shaft but a deep breath will help remedy any obstacles.

The teardrop-shaped head of the plug is narrow and tapered to help the toy ease into your ass, while the initial point of the tip graduates up into a bulbous, voluminous shape, it's not cumbersome. The best thing about the shape is that it did in fact stimulate my prostate. This is the first toy that targeted it, well, honed in like a missile would be more appropriate. I'd like to thank the angled crook of the shaft as it made it possible for the teardrop head to effectively reach and massage my prostate.

One of the best elements to this toy is that it did not try to slip out on it's own, even as I came. Of course, I pulled it out as I was cumming (I do this in hopes to intensify my orgasm) and despite a very liberal application of lubricant it showed resistance because of it's angled shape and the way it curved into my body.

The shaft narrows to a thin, oblong ring which is surprisingly comfortable when nestled between your cheeks. It's also the perfect size for two fingers to fit inside comfortably in order to retrieve the plug. Removal of the Pfun can be uncomfortable; the head is bulbous, so pulling it out, and because the way it naturally just wants to "lock" into your body like a puzzle piece, is like trying to pull a cat out of a tree. Despite the difficulties in taking the plug out, the slick finish is helpful because of the way it naturally wants to glide.

While the Pfun does indeed stimulate and effectively massage the prostate, does not mean it is not without its flaws. I had to remove the plug during sex because one, over stimulation of my prostate had me wanting to cum within a minute (not necessarily a bad thing) and two, the weight made it hard to thrust and pump hard. I had a difficult time maneuvering around in bed; if I moved too much it was uncomfortable because of the sheer heft of the toy, and also, with even the slightest movement, the plug would bump against my prostate causing me to nearly blow my load. I wasn't really able to control my ejaculation with the plug as it pressed against my prostate and when I finally came, it was a very huge orgasm with a lot of vocal expression. My entire body was racked with orgasmic waves and I felt like my prostate had been fully drained, visually inspecting my wife and the sheets afterward, I noticed there was quite a but more ejaculate than usual.

The Pfun is a luxury item. It comes inside a hard box that's made out of a recycled hard wood composite material (think Masonite) and covered in black paper. Inside of the box where the plug sits is a foam insert that's lined with fuschia taffeta. The box is meant to not only keep your toy safe but to display it. The plug, besides being crafted out of medical grade stainless steel, also has a mirror-shine finish which makes it a very nice looking toy- you wouldn't expect something so "pretty" to be designed to go in your ass.

The Pfun far surpassed my expectations, I knew that it was a luxury priced item but I did not think it would live up to its price tag. While the weight was too much for me, the fact that the plug effectively massaged my prostate and had me wanting to cum every time I moved, makes this a toy that deserves a spot inside every guy's sock drawer. While the size may seem large at first, I truly believe this would work well for beginners, just be advised that it's hefty and requires adequate lubrication.

product picture
$89.99Pfun plug
Prostate massager by Njoy
Material: Stainless steel

Check out Edenfantasy for their huge selection of sex toys, including the Pfun plug as well as many other Njoy adult toys.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

First HNT

I didn't want to but she made me.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Spank Your Slut

Watch your girl cozy up with this fleece paddle like she would with your favorite fleece shirt.

This high quality 16" leather and fleece paddle from Edenfantasys (they have a huge range of sex toys) is made by Spartacus, one of the most respected manufacturers of BDSM ware. It's reinforced by spring steel which can be shown in one of the pictures I'm including below.

The most important thing I would like to say, is smack your thigh with the leather side before you use it on your partner. The first time we broke it out I smacked my wife with it not realizing how hard it hit. She actually yelped and her ass was red and angry afterward. It has a bite to it.

The paddle will cut through the air effortlessly and end with a resounding "thwap" against naked skin. It's easy to yield despite it's cumbersome size, and has a leather strap guaranteeing it won't fly out of your hand anytime soon. One issue I had was that it tends to lean towards the fleece side, the padding is about an inch thick so it adds a little bulk causing that side to gravitate downwards. Overall, when weighing it on my postal scale, it was a 0.8 lbs. Really not that much at all making it easy to maneuver, regardless of the size of your hands.

The entirety of the leather used is smooth, there are no rough edges to be found. The fleece is soft and full. When the fleece side is used against flesh it won't hurt. The unpredictability of when you swing with it has the potential to make your partner jump. The best part is not letting your partner know which side you're using. Soft or hard? The ability to mix it up adds a sense of whimsy and mystery to your play.

The surface face of the paddle is about the size of a football so it covers a really good amount of skin. This is definitely something to spank with and works well with really juicy, meaty asses. It will leave imprints of the leather side immediately after having contact with skin but they soon fade. Checking my wife's ass the day after there weren't any telltale signs of our naughty play.

The biggest issue I had is that the fleece attracts lint and hair. Make sure to brush the fleece out before and after play as it will instantly pick up any debris that it can. If you have cats, best of luck to you. lol. Another problem I noticed is that the leather indents, make sure not to store anything on top of the paddle and don't throw it around. Keep it tucked in a drawer with some soft clothing to prevent damage to it. Treat it with respect.

Overall, this is a very, very high quality paddle. There isn't any worry of it breaking, splitting, or splintering like lesser quality paddles anytime soon. This is truly a top notch spanking device that will last you for years. The Paddle fleece by Spartacus is soft and smooth, and is perfect for those brand new to BDSM play or those that have been involved in the lifestyle for years.

product picture
Paddle by Spartacus
Material: Leather

Check out Edenfantasys for their huge array of adult toys.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does a Body good...

Finding the right lubricant is like finding the right car, the right house, the right job; It's a life decision for those that take their sex seriously.

I'm sure most of us have muddled through with awful lubricants that were too sticky, too dry, too watery, too runny. I have many woes and many bad experiences to share, the majority of those bad experiences included water-based lubricant. Tantus provided me with the solution to the water-based problems I had been having. Like our toys? Try Eros Original Bodyglide. You can purchase both the Bodyglide lubricant and sex toys from Edenfantasys, they're a one stop shop.

The majority of toys I own are Tantus, meaning the majority of those toys are silicone. Silicone toys and silicone lubricants? Am I hearing that right? Tantus uses platinum grade silicone, so they promise that they rarely have a problem with any lubricant. They recommend Eros Bodyglide because it's pure silicone just like their toys. There's still a chance the two could bond and you're left with a gummy mess so it's important to do a spot test beforehand right on the base of the toy. If it stays clean you're good to go.

Why is silicone lubricant so great? "There are no topical body reactions to pure silicone lube. There are no irritations, no allergens and no microbes that can attach to the molecules and grow bacteria." Silicone lubricant will also stay slick, it makes sex wet and slippery, whereas most water-based lubricants dry out and are runny as all hell. What makes Eros so great is that it's velvety. Not only is it long lasting, thin, but it's like liquid velvet.

My wife gave me a hand job the first night it arrived. Usually, she'd have to reapply lube several times, those lubes would be sticky, running, uncomfortable, they'd dry out and I'd be left with chaffing from the moments where there wasn't a liquid barrier between her hand and my cock. A few drops of Eros Bodyglide and she stroked my cock without any issues. Her hand felt like it was wrapped in velvet and afterwards the skin on my cock felt like silk. Everything was satiny smooth because Eros Bodyglide is also marketed as a personal moisturizer and skin conditioner. It promises to leave skin silky soft and smooth, and it certainly delivered on that promise. It was literally the best hand job I've ever received, her silky hand made it feel like an angel had descended with a mission to jerk me off.

The hand job was great and the use with my Tantus toy, Elements Pi, was easy as pie. It made the surface of the toy slick, it easily glided in without any resistance and the lubricant stayed slick on the toy the entire time of use.

And how was anal sex? Ask my wife. She is a huge complainer but she never spoke up in protest once. That right there is enough to leave me feeling very impressed. Helping a woman who's usually given me grief about anal to not say a negative thing about it, fucking priceless.

Ingredients are as follow:
Cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone fluid)
Dimethicone (a silicon-based organic polymer)
Dimethiconol (a type of silicone that feels like silk on the skin)

Eros Original Bodyglide can be purchased at, 3.4 oz for $23.99, 8.5 oz for $48.99, and 16.75 oz for $89.99. Be sure to check out their range of adult toys while you're there!