Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does a Body good...

Finding the right lubricant is like finding the right car, the right house, the right job; It's a life decision for those that take their sex seriously.

I'm sure most of us have muddled through with awful lubricants that were too sticky, too dry, too watery, too runny. I have many woes and many bad experiences to share, the majority of those bad experiences included water-based lubricant. Tantus provided me with the solution to the water-based problems I had been having. Like our toys? Try Eros Original Bodyglide. You can purchase both the Bodyglide lubricant and sex toys from Edenfantasys, they're a one stop shop.

The majority of toys I own are Tantus, meaning the majority of those toys are silicone. Silicone toys and silicone lubricants? Am I hearing that right? Tantus uses platinum grade silicone, so they promise that they rarely have a problem with any lubricant. They recommend Eros Bodyglide because it's pure silicone just like their toys. There's still a chance the two could bond and you're left with a gummy mess so it's important to do a spot test beforehand right on the base of the toy. If it stays clean you're good to go.

Why is silicone lubricant so great? "There are no topical body reactions to pure silicone lube. There are no irritations, no allergens and no microbes that can attach to the molecules and grow bacteria." Silicone lubricant will also stay slick, it makes sex wet and slippery, whereas most water-based lubricants dry out and are runny as all hell. What makes Eros so great is that it's velvety. Not only is it long lasting, thin, but it's like liquid velvet.

My wife gave me a hand job the first night it arrived. Usually, she'd have to reapply lube several times, those lubes would be sticky, running, uncomfortable, they'd dry out and I'd be left with chaffing from the moments where there wasn't a liquid barrier between her hand and my cock. A few drops of Eros Bodyglide and she stroked my cock without any issues. Her hand felt like it was wrapped in velvet and afterwards the skin on my cock felt like silk. Everything was satiny smooth because Eros Bodyglide is also marketed as a personal moisturizer and skin conditioner. It promises to leave skin silky soft and smooth, and it certainly delivered on that promise. It was literally the best hand job I've ever received, her silky hand made it feel like an angel had descended with a mission to jerk me off.

The hand job was great and the use with my Tantus toy, Elements Pi, was easy as pie. It made the surface of the toy slick, it easily glided in without any resistance and the lubricant stayed slick on the toy the entire time of use.

And how was anal sex? Ask my wife. She is a huge complainer but she never spoke up in protest once. That right there is enough to leave me feeling very impressed. Helping a woman who's usually given me grief about anal to not say a negative thing about it, fucking priceless.

Ingredients are as follow:
Cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone fluid)
Dimethicone (a silicon-based organic polymer)
Dimethiconol (a type of silicone that feels like silk on the skin)

Eros Original Bodyglide can be purchased at, 3.4 oz for $23.99, 8.5 oz for $48.99, and 16.75 oz for $89.99. Be sure to check out their range of adult toys while you're there!

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